Wing Chun

Wing Chun Adelaide Branch

The Adelaide Branch is situated in the heart of the Adelaide CBD at 61 Hindley Street. This is Grandmaster Leongs branch were he personally instructs.It contains two training area’s-one with a boxing ring as well as numerous wooden dummies.
It also has two treatment rooms for accupuncture & massage. There is a small car park at the rear which is available for free parking. The club is open from 12.00 pm to 8.00pm Monday to Friday. With the main class held at 6.00 to 7.30pm. Saturday and Sunday 2:00pm to 4:00pm. The club is closed Public Holidays.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is available at 61 Hindley Street.

People can learn during the whole week in Both Yang & Chen style Tai Chi.

For more info contact the club on 8231 9307.


About our Instructors

To teach under the name of Grandmaster Leongs Wing Chun Kung Fu Muay Thai & Wu Shu Academy an instructor must be officially certified, this is to prevent any false, fraudulent or misleading claims by students, instructors and practitioners, who may have trained with Grandmaster Leong, either at class or attended his seminars and/or wish to exaggerate their status. The issuing of these certificates is at the Masters discretion, they cannot be requested, they have to be earnt.

In Chinese martial art tradition, learning from a master does not make one his student automatically. The acceptance as a student traditionally requires a formal ceremony called Bai Si . One can always address some master as Sifu as a courtesy in greetings. But one cannot say a certain master is one's Sifu without the admission ceremony. Traditionally only after a student is admitted formally, would the Sifu pass all his knowledge. Only then, the student can be the carrier of the tradition to the next generation. In most martial art schools, the master may teach many informal students. However, only the worthy few are admitted formally to carry the Sifu's name forward.

The high standard and specific criteria set by Grandmaster Leong, ensures that the only the highest standard Instructors are allowed to represent him. They must have studied regularly over a long period of time and covered his system in great depth and detail under his personal tuition.

Should any certified Instructor not continue their studies under Grandmaster Leong , dilute or change his system or bring any disrespect to the Master or his association, then the certificate will revoked and that instructor shall no longer be able to represent Grandmaster Leong.

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