Wing Chun Lineage

Grandmaster Leong

Grandmaster Felix Leong

Grandmaster Felix (Cheok Son) Leong was born at Buddha Mountain in Guangdong province in China to a Martial Arts family. This led to him being influenced from an early age, especially by his Grandmother who was regarded as a highly skilled martial artist. Grandmaster Leong has studied Wing Chun under a number of highly respected Masters including Yip Chun to whom he is a family disciple of Ip Man, Sum Nung, Lei Chi Wah & Pan Nam. He is also a Permanent President of the Ip Man Wing Chun Association governing the Australasian region. Grandmaster Leong has demonstrated his exceptional ability in Martial Arts, winning several full contact tournaments inside and outside of China.

Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Wu Shu, Tai Chi and Chi Kung
Yip Man

Yip Man 1901-1972 Hong Kong

This is the most well known form of Wing Chun Kung Fu today. Yip Man a native of Foshan brought Wing Chun out of the ‘bamboo curtain’ when he moved to Hong Kong in 1949. He studied under Chan Wah Shun, Leung Bik and Ng Chung So.

Yip Man taught many students including his two sons, Yip Chun and Yip Ching. Yip Man's most famous student was Bruce Lee.

Sum Nung

Sum Nung 1926-2002 Guangzhou

studied Wing Chun in Foshan initially under Cheung Bo and then Yuen Kay Shan. Sum Nung later moved to Guangzhou and taught Wing Chun there until his passing.

Pan Nam

Pan Nam 1911-1995 Foshan

AKA Hak Min Nam studied Wing Chun under Lai Hip Chi. Lai Hip Chi studied under Chan Wah Shun and one of Chan's most senior students, Lui Yiu Chai.


Traditional Acupuncture

Acupuncture bowl and needles

Grandmaster Leong is also fully qualified in traditional Chinese medicine from the Beijing Acupuncture and Orthopedic Hospital in Mainland China with 35 years experience.

Grandmaster Leong regularly treats people in the club and can also be available for private treatments.

If you wish to have an acupuncture treatment please contact us at the club. Call for booking: 08 8231 9307

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